lundi 22 septembre 2008

Hurskas putoo ylöspäin!

Hurskas from Hämeenlinna was formed sometime in 1979, when Pete (guitar) and Aku (drums) of MucLucille joined forces with Mefistoteles-vocalist Johnny Hurskas, who had also sung in MucLucille for a while. Hune (ex-Musta Lammas and Communication Breakdown) joined in to play bass. The band was named after Johnny's "last name", and the other members adopted the name too. Their first major gig was at Ämy festival in 1979, and the same year they recorded songs for Hilse's second compilation (also featuring Sig, Tinneri and Vandaalit), which was released early next year. Hurskas provides the roughest set on the compilation: the lyrics are fiercely political, and the compositions probably pleased not only punks but heavy metal kids as well. In 1980 second guitarist Jaakob joined the band and single Isänmaa huumaa was released on Hilse label. The band's style hadn't changed between recordings, the single tracks are as hard as the previous output. However, the band broke up before they managed to make an album. Just the cover design for the album (called Hartaita säveliä) was made before the breakup.

The others decided to continue without Johnny (Jaakob and Pete handling the vocals), and the band's name was changed to Juudas. The new band played a couple of gigs, but that didn't last too long, despite talks of making an album. Johnny had some projects of his own, but little was heard from him until a single by Van Hurskas was released in 1984. Viikonloppueläin was produced by Stefan Piesnack, and it was released on Kumibeat label. The single is quite tame compared to Hurskas' recordings, the style was closer to new wave. Also the production isn't exactly top-notch. Later Johnny had a band called Dobermen, but they never got any releases out.
- Text by Vesa Vahtera.

1. Hurskas putoo ylöspäin
2. Eduskuntasika
3. Amerikkalainen painajainen
4. Työ on vapautta
5. Sätkyihminen
6. Isänmaa huumaa

Hilse Records 1979-1980

Johnny HURSKAS (vocals), Pete MANNINEN (guitar), HUNE (bass), Aku RÄSÄNEN (drums)


jeudi 18 septembre 2008

Kollaa Kestää

- Nevalainen, Siukonen, Helminen & Kivi

°Kaupungin valot
°Jälleen yksi päivä
°Jäähyväiset aseille

- Pelle, Varonen & Siukonen

lundi 15 septembre 2008

Hellää Terroria Korville 7"

A2. SENSUURI: Vaarallinen rakkaus

B1. LOOSE PRICK: Ota mua kädestä
B2. WIDOWS: Wanna be your friend

Poko Records 1980


Sensuuri, Karanteeni and more bands 15.9.79 - By Jyrki Siukonen

dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Sensuuri - Kirjoitan Seinään

A. Kirjoitan seinään
B. Olet sokea

Poko Records, march 1979 [Producer,Pantse Syrjä]

dimanche 31 août 2008

French Punk: The Dogs

Back in 1972, France had a small group of people following underground music. Some of them used to listen to The Velvet Underground, Iggy & The Stooges, The New York Dolls, or Lenny Kaye's 'Nuggets. Yves Adrien, a famous music journalist called them 'punks'. Dominique Laboubée (guitar, volcals) founded The Dogs with his long time friend Michel 'Mimi' Gross (drums) during the summer of 1973. The original line-up comprised Paul Peschenaert (guitar) and François 'Zox' Camuzeaux (bass). The band covered Flamin’Groovies, Kinks and Velvet Underground songs , and began to write its own material. First gigs on the Normandy Coast In 1976, Paul and Zox both leaved the band. Dominic and Michel asked Hugues Urvoy de Porzampac to join. He's been playing bass guitar for a week and could only play one tune: 'Oh Yeah' by The Shadows Of Knight. At the record store 'Mélodies Massacre' in Rouen, they met Jean-Yves Garcin (guitar). He becomes the fouth member. In march of 1977, Lionel Hermani, the 'Mélodies Massacre' owner, asked The Dogs to write an advertising song for the shop. It was just after the Wild Man Fischer promotion single for Rhino. They tried, but it was obvious that the Dogs material was better. The songs were recorded in June of 1977 in the basement of Lionel’s house, on a 4-track TEAC tape recorder with an old 2 track Revox for the mix, and a few Shure mikes. None of them knew anything about recording. 3500 singles were pressed. Some were distributed by Skydog Records, some by Lionel himself. It was the first french DIY punk single.

The Dogs - 1977


mercredi 27 août 2008


A good band from Lahti

SOS - Kapungin kadut

A.Kaupungin kadut
B. Muoti-ilmiö

Microvox, 1980

SOS - Tahdon olla vapaa

A. Tahdon olla vapaa
B. Idiootit vauhdissa

Kräk! Records, Microvox, May - June 1980.

Pekka KOSTENSALO (guitar, vocals), Mika KORHOLA (guitar), Jukka PITKÄNEN (bass), Timo KAINULAINEN (drums, vocals)

Kasvain - Onko Suomi Usattunut?

A. Onko Suomi Usattunut?
B. Ei oo paras päivä tänään


Kimi SAARISTO (vocals, guitar), Tappaja HYTÖNEN (guitar, bass), Pekka KOLARI (bass, guitar), Jone JÄRVINEN (drums)